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Resale Opportunities

The Bardon Group had a stable of four well established franchise brands and as with many mature franchise networks we have a number of resales opportunities throughout the UK.

Many business owners will reach a point where they want to move on and realise their investment. We work with our franchise owners to align and market their business, to achieve the optimum selling proposition.

If you are looking to buy an established franchise, please get in touch and we can discuss your individual requirements.

Current Resale Opportunities:

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Recognition Express Guildford

Recognition Express Guildford is a little goldmine with, remarkably, two lucrative seams left almost entirely unexplored by the retiring franchisee. Although successful and consistently profitable, the franchise offers almost unprecedented opportunities for growth, with the huge schools market left almost untouched and local online marketing not yet embarked upon, meaning quick and easy wins for […]

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