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Key Benefits

There are a large number of Key Benefits of working with The Bardon Group and Recognition Express.

Secure Investment

Join an organisation with over 40 years experience

Affordable Entry Cost

Total investment £25,000 + VAT. Your investment from only £8,000. Bank finance available.

Multiple income streams

We have eight independent income streams in a market estimated to be worth a huge £3 billion per annum.

Repeat Orders

We have successfully built Recognition Express by building relationships – strong relationships mean repeat business and repeat business builds stronger relationships.

Large Territories

With 9,000 to 10,000 businesses

Low Ongoing Costs

Start at home with minimal overheads if you wish

Strong Support from HQ Team

3 week induction training; centralised marketing; business planning and reviews; appointment generating system; on-going training; regional workshops; expertise in UK and international procurement; exceptional business support services; exceptional extranet tool; professional advice; hints & tips; great team spirit.

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