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Techclean Yorkshire Central provide IT cleaning solutions to major university

Techclean Yorkshire Central provide IT cleaning solutions to major university

Categorised in: Techclean    Posted: January 20, 2020

Techclean’s range of specialist cleaning services have proven to be the smart choice for a wide range of organisations and businesses across Yorkshire, but one in particular brings its own unique set of challenges for Sue Hawkin and her team at Techclean Yorkshire Central.

Among Sue’s varied client base is a major university with one of the largest single-site campuses in the UK, over 33,000 students and in excess of 3,000 IT desktops in use on almost a daily basis.

The university, which was established over a century ago, has earned global acclaim for the quality of its teaching and research, and boasts a range of faculties including Medicine and Health, Business and Engineering and Physical Sciences.

The challenge

A university campus brings cleaning challenges that other commercial organisations rarely have and that’s scale. Cleaning needs to be undertaken at various sites across the 98-acre campus including the library, cafes, student cluster areas and IT suites.

Sue and the team also undertake an annual clean of the university’s mechanical engineering department with large laboratory and workshop spaces and a range of specialist equipment such as prototyping systems.

In addition to the complexity of the site itself, another key challenge is budget. Sue explained: “Having clean equipment in full working order is critical for a large university hat is looking to attract students from all over the country and from overseas too. Like all businesses, university funds are squeezed year on year, plus the university wants to reduce waste and be as environmentally friendly as possible.”

The solution

In order to keep disruption to staff and students to a minimum Techclean Yorkshire Central carries out an annual deep clean of the main cluster rooms, internet cafes and libraries. Sue and her team then work on lecture theatres and the lesser used study areas on a rotation basis to fit in the university’s IT cleaning budget. Sue added: “The work takes approximately three weeks in total, with the Easter break being the main cleaning block with additional time spent in late September and early October in preparation for the new academic year starting.”

With much of the desktop IT equipment within the university being used by multiple different people and various time of the day, Techclean’s range of cleaning fluids are specifically designed to tackle such a specialist job. Sue commented: “Techclean’s own detergent product, Byoclean, has anti-microbial properties which destroys the surface tension of microbes. Not only does it get the equipment clean, it also forms an invisible protective barrier on the plastic surface, it continues to work for days after application making it perfect for the heavy traffic areas across the university campus.”

The results

The well-established and regularly cleaning schedule in place at this city university means clean and sanitised equipment which helps to promote good health and wellbeing.

The service provided by Techclean also helps to reduce waste by keeping desktop IT in optimum working order, not only benefitting the environment but helping to ease the pressure on the university’s purse strings too.

Sue concluded: “As a result of our ongoing programme of cleaning and sanitising, this client sees reliable results which has led to a relationship that has now been established for the last decade.”