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What do we do?

What do we do?

Preparing children for the future – it’s what we do best!

We deliver super-fun, educational and inspirational classes with the widest range of technology and computing courses across the UK.

Classes are delivered in a range of locations including nurseries, schools, holiday clubs, after-school clubs, weekend clubs and other community venues.

We teach children not only what’s behind the technology, but build in critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity and confidence.

When that chance to make a difference to children’s futures is wrapped up in a business opportunity with such low costs, high potential earnings and flexibility it’s a powerful combination.

Our own unique curriculum with fun and engaging activities

We create our own leading-edge curriculum ensuring that all of our courses are totally fun, engaging and educational.

We focus on a blend of tech skills and computational thinking combined with soft skills such as collaboration, communication and problem-solving, and of course very often boosting literacy and numeracy alongside.

It’s a winning combination ensuring schools, parents and children keep coming back.

A huge range of cool courses – computing is not only about coding!

We love coding as much as the next techie. It’s a phenomenal skill for children to develop. Of course, we have all sorts of courses for various age ranges taking a variety of approaches to coding and programming. The great thing is, there’s so much more to computing than coding and we cover it all!

These are just some of the courses we offer – 3D design and printing, augmented reality, app design, digital arts, animation, game design, robotics, engineering, electronics and the latest Minecraft skills – as well as all of our coding courses, of course!

We have hundreds of lessons and we are always on the lookout for cool, new trends to add to our range of courses and give even more choice.

With such a diverse approach to computing we have something that will ignite the tech spark in every child, no matter what their interest.

How it works

ComputerXplorers is a home-based, management franchise delivering technology and computer-based classes to children from the ages of 3 to 13 in schools and a wide range of other locations.

As a franchisee you will be responsible for managing and marketing the business. That means you will be marketing to and meeting with head teachers, nursery owners, and holiday programme leaders. But you won’t be doing this alone: see our section on ‘The Support We Offer’ for details of our appointment making system. You will recruit, train and manage a team of people to deliver the classes on your behalf.

Payment for classes is usually from the parents of the children attending and is paid in advance. In some instances schools fund or subsidise classes. A range of other venues and organisations from museums to hospitals and charities also commission ComputerXplorers to provide group activities.

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