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Brand Your Way to Success

Brand Your Way to Success

Categorised in: Recognition Express    Posted: October 9, 2017

First impressions count. It takes just 30 seconds for a customer to form an opinion about you – good or bad – and it’s all based on outward appearances.

The way you present your business and its brand visually is a key factor in determining its success.

Smart, consistent branding isn’t just for large corporates.  A stylish brand carefully carried through all elements of the business can make your company look more professional and give you the edge on your competitors. Your brand image conveys the values of your business and provides consumers with trust that will in turn become company loyalty. Low volume branded items can be just as cost effective as their off the shelf bland counterparts.

Branding needn’t be over complicated. Most businesses have a logo which has one or two main colours. By using your company colour theme and adding your logo to brand items such as towels, clothing, aprons and linens you can create a distinctive personality for the business.

Name badges should be the starting point.

If your business involves face to face contact with customers, staff wearing a smart branded name badge present a professional image from the very first point of contact and begins the customer’s relationship with your brand.   Sourcing name badges couldn’t be easier. Modern digital technology enables specialist companies such as Recognition Express to produce top quality personalised badges in any quantity from just one at very affordable prices.

Consider introducing a branded uniform. This needn’t be formal attire.  A polo shirt in your corporate colour embroidered with your logo for example delivers a smart corporate look to customers whilst at the same time instils a sense of pride in employees and strengthens team spirit. Having a workforce that displays the professional attitudes of your company will provide consumers with additional understanding of the core values within the company.

For hotel and food and drink businesses an attractive brand can also give you the opportunity to create an additional revenue stream through the sale of branded souvenir items.  Hotel guests enjoying a luxurious branded bathrobe may want to buy one to enjoy at home. Diners appreciating the branded atmosphere of a restaurant could be tempted to purchase branded merchandise to remind them of the experience and strengthen their loyalty towards the brand.

Branded goods specialists can help businesses develop their brand strategy and advise on product choice. Recognition Express has almost 40 years of experience in the branded goods and clothing industry and has built up a network of trusted top quality suppliers.