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Quick fire ‘franchise suitability’ test

Quick fire ‘franchise suitability’ test

Categorised in: Ask Nigel    Posted: July 1, 2016

This is a ‘cheap and dirty’ way for you to assess if you have the ‘make-up’ to be a franchisee.

12 questions with two points for each answer.

I would want 20 points or more to be sure.

How to mark is at the end.

  1. I sometimes feel I’ the victim of outside forces                         AGREE         DISAGREE
  2. Generally I work later than I plan                                               AGREE         DISAGREE
  3. Some days I feel I’ve achieved nothing                                     AGREE          DISAGREE
  4. I’ll always try to get something from a poor situation              AGREE          DISAGREE
  5. I like order and regular hours                                                     AGREE          DISAGREE
  6. I don’t like relying on other people                                            AGREE          DISAGREE
  7. I will take risks if I’ve weighed up all the potential issues         AGREE          DISAGREE
  8. If I start something I will see it through                                     AGREE          DISSGREE
  9. I will generally consider other people’s views                           AGREE          DISAGREE
  10. I temper my ambition to avoid disappointment                       AGREE          DISAGREE
  11. I get real satisfaction leading a team                                        AGREE          DISAGREE
  12. I only care how much money I make                                         AGREE          DISAGREE

If you answered YES to any of the following questions – 2,4,7,8,9,11 then give yourself two points for each.

If you answered no for any of the others then also give yourself two points each.

Of course this is not sophisticated BUT it frankly if you only scored 10 would you be confident of running a business?

About the author Nigel Toplis

Nigel Toplis is the Managing Director of The Bardon Group. Nigel sees his key role as providing the vision and direction for each of the businesses, developing new income streams - across the board, recruiting customer focused and passionate Franchise Owners and providing business and management support to my Franchise Owners.

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