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Put summer fun into fundraising with promo products

Put summer fun into fundraising with promo products

Categorised in: Recognition Express    Posted: March 27, 2018

With the summer fundraising season just around the corner, charities up and down the UK are gearing up for fun runs, fairs and open days. These events are a great opportunity to engage with donors and supporters. But how can you help the relationship last beyond the lazy hazy days of summer? Here are some tips to help you make the most of your event.

Something to remember you by…

Promotional products are a great way to keep front of mind with people long after an event has finished. Try to choose items that will be kept as a memento or used again and again. When people continue using the products in their daily life, it shows their endorsement of your cause and spreads further awareness.



Fun runs

It seems like everyone’s taking up running these days, and participation in charity fun runs or more challenging half-marathons is booming. If you’re holding one this year, think about promotional goods for both runners and spectators to make the most of this fundraising and brand recognition opportunity.

  1. Provide runners with a bespoke wristband for the event. Think about including a quirky strapline to add to the fun. If it’s an annual run, they could become a collectable item. And don’t forget medals for the winners!
  2. Designed sports bottles are a must – you could provide free ‘jogger bottles’ for runners as part of their sign-up package, and have more available for spectators to purchase on the day. If you’re holding a night time run, glow bottles are always a hit.
  3. Commemorative t-shirts and caps are another nice touch. If you’re going to include the date, think carefully about the quantities needed to avoid wastage.


Promotional Flags


Summer fairs, dog shows and open days

These family-friendly events are a great fundraising opportunity. Maximise their potential with a raft of promotional products.

  1. Are you expecting lots of kids to come along? Then consider pocket money or giveaway promos – this could include badges, snap bands, windmills, flags, keyrings and the old favourite, logo bugs.
  2. If you’re hosting a competition – from a dog show to a talent contest – up the ante with branded trophies and medals.
  3. Branded brollies are another good item to have on offer – if there’s an unexpected downpour, the crowds will be flocking for these.

The secret of a successful promo product is to make it desirable, useful or fun. Think about your what your charity represents and what your event involves. Use this as a starting point for creative ideas that will get you noticed for all the right reasons. Your local Recognition Express team will be happy to help.