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From teacher to techclean

From teacher to techclean

Categorised in: Techclean    Posted: September 7, 2017

A techclean franchise can slot in at any stage of your working life. Former teacher and mother of four Susan Davies set up techclean South Wales three years ago after her youngest child went to university. She was looking for a new challenge and wanted to grow a business that she could run from home but still get out and about to interact with others.

Susan discovered techclean during her research into franchise opportunities. She liked what she saw and the South Wales and West territory was available so she signed up.  Now she employs a team of three people and the business is growing steadily. The techclean service has never been in greater demand to provide a regular effective cleaning service for office equipment that come into regular contact with human hands including laptops, PCs, printers, photocopiers and telephones. In today’s age of superbugs, office hygiene has shot straight to the top of most companies’ list of priorities in a bid to reduce thousands of pounds a year lost through workplace sickness.

techclean Wales and West’s many clients include the National Library of Wales, ED F Energy, HPC Swansea which controls all the computer functions for universities in South Wales, The Public Services Ombudsman Wales and several call centres across the region.

Said Susan: “With techclean no two days are the same. It is great working with a variety of people in different environments.  I enjoy travelling to client businesses as I would hate to be stuck behind a desk working in an office every day.

“I get a huge amount of satisfaction from my job. We go into an office and in a just few hours we make such a big difference to their working environment. I call the women I work with my ‘dream team’ and clients are always genuinely delighted with the results.”

Cleaning keyboards has revealed a host of unusual items. Explained Susan: “Apart from the usual staples, paperclips, discs from punched paperwork and bits of broken pens and pencils, we have found false nails, earing backs and lots of food debris.  I once cleaned a keyboard which was full of tiny cuts of coarse black hair but soon knew who the culprit was when a man with a magnificent black beard walked through the office. He had obviously recently been to the barbers!”

If you would like to enquire about becoming a techclean franchisee please complete the form on this page.