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Why should you select a techclean franchise?

Why should you select a techclean franchise?

There are a large number of Key Benefits of working with The Bardon Group and techclean.

The IT cleaning market is massive

72% of the UK’s workforce uses a computer at work, which equates to 40 million employees. Expenditure on PC’s and peripherals represents the largest sector of the market for office equipment.

Building a business with real value

Franchisees generate regular recurring revenues building a valuable asset.

Over 30 years of genuine heritage

techclean are proud to have been in business since the early 1980’s and still successfully servicing customers in a marketplace that has grown substantially and now offers many new opportunities.

No fixed franchise fees

We believe that the franchise relationship is a ‘marriage’ and that the success of both parties should be linked and as such the franchisor is dependent on the Franchise Owner growing in order to grow themselves.

Our management services fees are therefore calculated as a % of turnover for the Franchise Owner and not a fixed fee.

The management services fee is 10% of turnover and the marketing fund 1% – both paid monthly.

Robust systems and processes

All franchised business should be fairly straightforward to manage and at techclean we provide systems, processes, marketing collateral, on-going support, training and a comprehensive operations and marketing manual to ensure Franchise Owners have the tools to run their business effectively, efficiently and profitably.

A fully comprehensive starting package

A techclean franchise is a turnkey operation – we expect our Franchise Owners to be ready to start their business from day one!

For your initial franchise fee of £19,500 + VAT you will receive a comprehensive marketing launch programme, additional and substantial marketing & business materials, uniforms, contact management system, accounts package PLUS extensive training, manuals, use of the techclean licence, bacteria analysis equipment and a generous initial stock of cleaning materials and fluids.

Training and support

Help is always available. Your initial training programme will provide you with a thorough grounding in running your own business as well as practical hands-on experience. Each training programme is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the new Franchise Owner.

Furthermore, we have a very experienced support team at our head to offer advice and guidance.

In addition, all Bardon Group franchises have Network Meetings through the year where Franchise Owners, Head Office support staff and suppliers get together to discuss the business and how to build on the opportunities.

Limited working capital investment required

Techclean does not require huge funding.

Whether you start from a home office or take a small unit the cost of set-up is relatively low and similarly low ongoing costs means that the business can generate high net margins

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