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Marketing techclean

Marketing techclean

As with any business continual, effective and moreover professional marketing underpins the success of a techclean franchise

To this end you need to be committed to implementing an ongoing and comprehensive programme of marketing activity to promote your business, to create awareness of your brand and to ensure that customers are made aware of the benefits of the tech-clean service.

As your franchisor, we believe in supporting you fully in your marketing efforts, The Bardon group have years of experience creating excellent marketing tools, programmes and collateral, that are effective and practical for Franchise Owners to follow – alongside the other demands of the business.

At the heart of our approach is centralised direct marketing where mailings are sent out to the M.A.N. (the person with the Money, Authority and Need) and followed up by phone (through a specialist agency) to secure appointments for you to attend.

This activity is backed up by regular email marketing, a comprehensive range brochure, product leaflets and other relevant collateral.

All Franchise Owners are part of the techclean group website and all staff are supplied with techclean branded clothing – to ensure a totally professional image

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