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What attracted Jan Chidley to Recognition Express and franchising in general

Name: Jan Chidley, Hull & East Riding 

Commenced Trading:    Previous Job: Full time mum    

Jan Chidley, 47, was born in New Zealand and first came to England at the age of 21  for a working holiday.

Jan did a multitude of jobs, including banking, working as a nanny and a credit  controller, before meeting her husband Chris and starting a family. Jan and Chris have  twins, Sam and Sophie who are at University, and Holly who is almost 16. Having been  a full-time mum providing stability for the children whilst they travelled the world with  Chris’s job, Jan decided in June 2008 that it was now her time and set up Recognition  Express Hull and East Riding. Although Jan is the sole franchisee, husband Chris has  been a big support along with the head office staff.

What attracted you to franchising?

“I had a business back in New Zealand with my father, growing apples. We sold it and I  decided that I wanted to do something in the UK now that my family are nearly all grown  up. I like the idea of doing something that is my own business but where I am  supported.

“My husband, Chris, is the CEO of a large nationwide franchise, Driver Hire, and I could  see the benefits of being a part of a franchise. There is a list of support needed when  starting a new business, and on a day to day basis it is good to know you can pick up  the phone and there will be help at the end of the line.”

What was it about Recognition Express that attracted you?

“Nigel Toplis and the team are very supportive, there is a wide range of good quality  products and hence a broad range of potential customers, and the business model is  sound.”

“My husband Chris was aware of Recognition Express and had met Nigel on several  occasions. We both felt that Recognition Express was the right sort of business for me.”

What advice would you give to other women thinking of starting their own  business?

“It is hard work, with a lot of commitment required, but if you get it right it is extremely  satisfying. It is all about meeting people on a regular basis, forming good relationships  and being able to deliver the end product.”

“Having my own business gives me flexibility around my home life, however it is  important to remain focused on the business and to continue to put in the time required  to keep things on the up.”    “It is not a hobby.”

Would you recommend franchising to other women?

“I would recommend franchising to other women. Whilst you have to do your homework  before signing on the dotted line you should be buying into a proven business model.  For busy women this can be an appealing option.”