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What can I earn?

What can I earn?

Your return

This is a tremendously exciting, rewarding and profitable business where you gain all the benefits of working from home – so, low cost, limited ‘wasted journey’ time and home-life flexibility with the support, structure, experience and proven business systems to generate generous revenue and profit.

Your earnings are very much down to you: the hours you are prepared to invest and your own ambition and determination.

You have the flexibility to run the business in a way that suits you and if you choose to run the business on fewer hours then that is fine, and the model will adjust itself to accommodate.

With very low overheads (no rent or rates and staff paid only when you have a class booked) your profit margins will be very high, and it is reasonable to expect a net margin of 35% plus after all costs.

If you have the ambition and drive and are prepared to work hard to drive yourself and the business then the earning potential is substantial.

Multiple income streams offering year-round revenue give you the potential to generate over £60,000 in your first full 12 months.

More detail on the significant earning potential can be found in our brochure. Click here to request a copy of our brochure.

We will also share much more information in a one-to-one meeting. Click here to request a call back to arrange a meeting.

Any earnings example is for illustration purposes only and does not constitute a guarantee or form part of any contractual obligation.

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