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The ComputerXplorers options

The ComputerXplorers options

ComputerXplorers offers two different options: ComputerXplorers Classic and ComputerXplorers Enhanced.

Option 1: ComputerXplorers Classic

A ComputerXplorers area, exclusive to you, with a minimum of 150 primary schools and 150 nurseries/preschools

Cost £14,950 plus VAT.

Additional areas can be purchased at a later date subject to availability.

Option 2: ComputerXplorers Enhanced

A huge area exclusive to you with a minimum of 300 primary schools and 300 nurseries/preschools

Cost: £29,500 plus VAT.

With 100% funding available on the Classic option, it’s accessible to everyone!

Initial costs

What's included?ClassicEnhanced
Licence to trade
Exclusive territory
Large Territory - minimum schools/ nurseries300600
Laptop Computer and iPad
Range of software and hardware for class delivery
Full training
School/nursery appointment making service12 months18 months
Marketing Launch Programme and Marketing Material
Local website with CMS
Free unlimited access to intranet with all lesson plans
Free annual conference
Ongoing management support

Ongoing royalties

Management fee (as a percentage of monthly turnover)10%
Marketing fee (a percentage contribution based on monthly turnover)1%

Funding your investment in a ComputerXplorers franchise 

As part of The Bardon Group, we have excellent relationships with all the major banks and have been helping franchisees to fund, manage and grow their businesses for some 40 years.

100% funding available

The Bardon Group can help to arrange full funding through the Government’s Start-up Loans programme. You will be able to borrow £15,000 over 5 years at 6% interest per year.

The Start-up Loans Company provides finance for those who have not been able to secure finance from other sources.

Bank funding to start a ComputerXplorers business

Alternatively, should you choose to fund your investment through a bank loan our excellent relationships with the banks will help ease that process.

Generally the banks will lend ComputerXplorers franchisees 70% of the total funding required, including any working capital you may need – subject to your own financial status of course.

With the banks you’ll be able to borrow over 8 years at around 8% per annum meaning you could be in business for less than £45 per week!

Note: These figures may vary according to the bank and interest rate pertaining at the time – you should check with the funding body and always compare at least two organisations. All figures are subject to VAT.

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